The Meatmaster is a composite breed of sheep that is identified as a non-fat tailed, hair type sheep. It is aimed exclusively at meeting market demands under extensive and often marginal farming conditions, making it the quintessential breed for the African farmer who wants to farm in harmony with his environment whilst getting a deserved return on investment.

Since 2012, Meatmaster sheep have found a welcoming home at Willow Country Estate where the ethos of the Meatmaster breed is being expanded.  Having started with bespoke genetics from recognised breeders and allowing for natural selection, the keen hand and wisdom from Barry and Naledi are now forging what is destined to become another success story at Willow Country Estate.  The same breeding philosophy that made the Nguni cattle stud so successful is being applied to the sheep stud and breeding objectives include fertility, adaptability, hardiness, mothering abilities and feed conversion into a valuable end product. 

Meatmaster gallery

ROCKEFELLER JW 14-189 (Bullet son)

ROCKEFELLER JW 14-189 (Bullet son)

HULK KM 16-721 (Popeye son)

HULK KM 16-721 (Popeye son)

BUSKRUIT JW 16-417 (Musgrave son)

KM 13-360 with quadruplits

KM 10-223

KM 13-315 & KM 13-345 (Both Big Boy daughters)

POPEYE JW 11-013 ( Still a lamb here)

POPEYE JW 11-013

Young Popeye rams

Popeye daughter

Popeye daughters (7 to 9 months old)

KM 13-038 & KM 16-829 (Popeye daughter with Kasparov lamb)

KM 15-424 & KM 16-869 + KM16-870



Kasparov daughters

 Cashflow daughters

 Cashflow daughters

 Cashflow daughters

KM 13-042

Dr Frans Jooste - Embryo flushing

Willemien Jooste assisting Dr Frans

Twins drinking

Embryo lam

Embryo lamb

KM 12-123

KM 13-106 (Popeye daughter)

KM 13-198 (Bullet daughter)

JW 13-222 (Bullet daughter)

KM 13-304 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-305 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-322 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-326 (Cashflow daugher)

KM 13-328 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-343 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-361 

KM 13-373

Our first inspection - Johnny & Helen Morrison


BUSKRUIT JW 16-417 (Musgrave son)

KM 13-360 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-067 (KM 10-223 x Popeye)

KM 13-315

POPEYE in his young days

JEEP - Popeye son

Popeye rams

Popeye daughters

Popeye daughters (7 to 9 months old)

KM 13-038 & KM 16-829 (Popeye daughter with Kasparov lamb)

KM 14-293 & KM 16-873



Kasparov daughters

 Cashflow daughters

 Cashflow daughter

 Cashflow daughters

 Cashflow daughters

Neighbour Andre and Wouter vd Merwe helping

Surrogate mothers with Meatmaster embyo lambs

Embryo lamb


Embryo lamb

JW 13-189 (Bullet daughter)

KM 13-309 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-313 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-320 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-323 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-305 (Big Boy daughter)

KM 13-325 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-327 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-332 (Cashflow daughter)

KM 13-345 (Big boy daughter)

KM 13-351 ( Big boy daughter)

Ewe with Popeye twins