During 2006 and 2007 Barry and Naledi Roberts, together with Mike and Grey Greyling, made multiple trips to the Makatini Flats in the far Northern KwaZulu-Natal region, bordering Mozambique.  The purpose of these visits was to find and purchase true-to-type and genetically pure Nguni cattle from the Makatini region.

Enduring wild country, fatiguing heat, language barriers, difficult negotiations and onerous official red tape, they brought back with them an investment in the choice of the Makatini herd.

The Nguni from the Makatini area is one of the last pure genetic ecotypes in Southern Africa, with little or no external genetic and management influence.  Natural selection pressure in the area is severe; this is in the form of extremely poor grazing, sparse availability of water and animals having to walk great distances in deep sand and extreme heat.  A survivor in these circumstances must surely have a great will to live, thrive and reproduce, which is why there is such admiration and appreciation for the Makatini Nguni.

In appearance these traits translate into a finely honed animal with refined features that are pleasing to the eye and that represent the epitome of a breed in harmony with the environment.

The herd was brought to the Highveld where further selection and extensive biosecurity testing was performed, resulting in the cream of the Makatini being allowed to adapt and breed in their new environment. 

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